Living in the countryside is beautiful and quiet. Internet access can be a challenge though. In my case, I am stuck on very old copper-based broadband technology called ADSL:

5G is not available either and while 4G works, it is metered and therefore not suitable for home office video conferences:

Luckily SpaceX offers high-speed, low-latency broadband internet via Starlink:

While bandwidth varies and sometimes even cuts out for seconds it works for me.

Jaguar I-PACE


Yesterday it started snowing here and today morning it was minus fife degrees Celsius. Would my electric car live up to that?

In fact it did brilliantly. Remotely controlled via the app it preheated to twenty one degrees Celsius and with its two motor four by four torque there was no issue getting through the snow. On the mostly snow free but icy main roads the traction control did not let me down either. Of course, the electric consumption is higher in these circumstances, but I would not have expected otherwise.

Jaguar I-PACE


For a year I have been driving my electric car now, including two holiday breaks to Cornwall and Yorkshire.

It is immensely fun to drive and with many pubs, hotels and petrol stations providing charging facilities even journeys beyond its range are totally possible provided proper planning.